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How to stop puppies needle sharp teeth from hurting you

Why do puppies mouth and nip? Puppies explore the world with their mouths. They need to learn and we need to teach them that our hands are not play-things (it hurts!) and any contact with our skin results in the fun stopping. Puppies are teething and their teeth will...

How to socialise your new puppy

What is socialisation? There is a critical socialisation period is thought to be 3- 12 weeks. During this window of a time it’s imperative that a puppy has been carefully exposed to a range of different experiences in a controlled and managed way. Socialisation refers...

Reasons why puppies cry and how to help them

Crates Crates are helpful in providing a safe space for your dog. It’s important that it is a safe space and not a confinement or time out area. A crate needs to be somewhere the dog enjoys hanging out in – pop a blanket in there, and their toys and leave the door...

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