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Why is my adolescent dog so worried?

When does it happen? The time the fear period can happen in adolescent dogs can depend on the breed of the dog and their age and growth range but generally it’s between 6 – 18 months. It’s important to remember that some dogs as a breed can be more sensitive than...

Hormones – why these can have an effect on a dog’s recall

As your dog has got older have you noticed that they are more independent and braver, and exploring things that they wouldn’t have done before? Depending on the breed, with larger dogs taking longer to be fully grown if they are between 4 -6 months they may be hitting...

Why should you bother enrolling on to puppy classes?

Welcoming a new puppy home can be an exciting time but also an overwhelming one! Dr Google has a mind field of information (a lot of it is outdated and inaccurate and can actually cause long term damage and/or suggest methods that suppress current challenges leading...

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