About Us

I’ve always adored animals and had a desire to care for them. One of my earliest memories is going out to the garden with my Granny to leave food out for a family of hedgehogs! I’ve worked for an animal assistance charity as a community fundraiser and I got to meet some remarkable people and incredible dogs. That’s what really fuelled my interest in how animals learn and communicate to each other and us through their body language and facial expressions. Being around people who were blind and partially sighted and seeing first hand how they got on with their lives despite their sight loss inspired me to be brave and set up my own business. I got in touch with the Princes Trust after browsing their website. I went on a weeks enterprise course with 6 other young people with a business idea – the course covered skills such as marketing, book-keeping and sales. After working with an experienced business mentor,  I then presented my business plan to a panel (no dragon’s to be seen thankfully!) and was approved for a loan to help me kick start my pet sitting and one to one dog walking service. I feel very proud and privileged to have had the Princes Trust support and my Mum and I, due to the success of my business, were lucky to have been invited to Buckingham Palace to celebrate Prince Charles’ 70th Birthday Patronage.

I’m particularly interested in animal body language, ethology and caring for elderly pets. I’m committed to expanding my knowledge regarding reactive dogs and simulation for indoor cats. I’m a strong advocate of scientifically proven force-free pet care and training and am a member of the Pet Professional Guild. I am committed to continual professional development and have completed a professional dog walking diploma course as well as many other courses. I want to know all there is to know about companion animals so I can provide the best care for them whether I am walking a dog or cat sitting for your feline friend.

I was thrilled to win a ‘Woo Hoo’ achievement award’ – recognition for my achievements in the St Albans Business community.

My client nominated me in the ‘dream achiever’ category for accomplishing my dream of caring for animals, and the care I showed to her dog Bud and the help I gave to her elderly Mum as Bud was staying with her, whilst his human had a well-earned break!

Asher’s caring, conscientious and truly cares about animals He’s recently completed an Animal Management and Training diploma at college – he’s worked with dogs, cat’s, lizards, chickens and deers! Modules on his course include animal health, training, anatomy and physiology – he received a distinction in every module! Asher’s also completed 200 hours worth of volunteer experience at a local animal rescue shelter.

Asher has also volunteered for the Cinnamon Trust for an elderly lady in St Albans. The Cinnamon Trust charity provides walks and care for pets whose humans are elderly or terminally ill.


Lisa and Mum Angie in the gardens of Buckingham Palace
Lisa and Asher in Blue Cross T Shirts with two Yorkshire Terriers

What we do

I’m passionate about providing stimulating environments for the pets I care for; I go to a variety of walking spots in Hertfordshire (smells are so enriching and important for the brain’s limbic system!). I also like to find out their favourite games and toys to play with depending on their breed. I believe that pets are individuals who have different needs, likes and dislikes and I care for them based around this.

We offer solo or one to one dog walks or walk 2 dogs from the same household.

We offer solo dog walks or walk 2 dogs from the same household. I believe in supervised, controlled dog play rather than letting dogs loose and things getting out of hand, and dogs that are less boisterous feeling uncomfortable. Moreover, with solo dog walks, if a dog was unwell it means we can get them to the vet as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I believe in supervised, controlled dog play rather than letting dogs loose and things getting out of hand.

We’re committed to learning about canine body language and facial expression so we’re in a good position to predict any concerning situations between dogs that could potentially occur when out on walks, and take the steps to pre-empt them. We want to get background knowledge of how your dog is on walks, its previous experiences, and his/her energy levels and routines. Dogs have different personalities; different preferences and different tolerances, just like us. By offering solo dog walks we can offer tailored walks to dogs that may not cope well in group situations, elderly dogs or dogs with disabilities.

A red setter dog
Lisa cat sitting with a black and white cat

I believe less is more when it comes to cats.

I believe less is more with cats. I’d always let them approach me first and have a sniff of me – cats are solitary animals by nature after all.

Cats are creatures of habit and enjoy routine, so we will aim to maintain this as much as possible. We will find out whether your cat enjoys cuddles and grooming or prefers a hand off approach.

We’re experienced in working with a range of different types of pets, personalities and care needs. We would love to come and meet you and your pet.

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