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Following on from the Prime Ministers announcement we are resuming our solo walks, walk and train services and one to one puppy training and dog training by social distancing in open green spaces again. We are also providing pet sitting and cat sitting and small animal sitting .

In addition to the current health and safety precautions we will be:

  • Using hand sanitiser and soap – stopping to use available water facilities in between jobs
  • Clean down handles we’ve touched after the visit
  • Collect the pet from the garden where possible or the hall to maintain social distancing

If my colleagues or myself or any of my/their family have coronavirus, have any symptoms and/or are in the high risk category below then they won’t be doing pet care assignments.

  • cancer patients
  • those that are pregnant
  • those that have cystic fibrosis or asthma
  • solid organ transplant recipients
  • those that have heart disease

If you as our client, or any of your family members have symptoms including a persistent cough and fever, please let me know. We are unable to work with clients who are symptomatic. 

For new clients all of the above criteria will remain and in terms of the initial consultation this will be done via video software and all paperwork will be sent via Docusign. You will receive a link to the pet sitting portal where you can update all your pets details.

Obviously, the announcement and guidance may be subject to change and we will respond as necessary.

Update 24th March 2020:

We’re not doing walks and visits at the moment, but we’re still here to support you and your pets and always will be.

For puppies:

Have you welcomed a new puppy home? Perhaps you have some questions and need help and guidance we have a convenient telephone helpline you can reach us on. You can also contact us about how to reach their socialisation needs at this time to prevent problems later on.

We also have an online one to one  puppy training programme so your  puppy can learn toilet training, polite behaviours such as not jumping up and how to sleep soundly at night. We also have online puppy classes available so you’re puppy can continue learning.

For dogs:

Does your dog pull or lunge towards cyclists, runners or other dogs? Are they hurting themselves and you? Lisa can provide you with solutions that will teach your dog to walk politely on the lead. 

Does your dog have selective hearing? Are they easily distracted? It can be stressful and embarrassing and dangerous when your dog doesn’t come back when called. Having a dog that doesn’t come back when called can be dangerous and stressful; there may be a road close by or livestock. Find out about our recall solutions.

For cats:

Just like dogs, cats and kittens have needs, desires and instincts that they need to fulfil.  Not having suitable outlets for natural cat behaviours can result in boredom and frustration. If a cat is bored they may vocalise and overeat and this can lead to lots of health problems including diabetes. There wellbeing can be compromised as they can’t jump up and play like they used to. Find out how to keep your pussycat content and occupied with our online cat enrichment service.

Please read the British Veterinary Association’s clarifying the position on cat’s and dog’s and COVID -19 after misleading advice in the media. There’s no need to keep cat’s indoors : “We are not advising that all cats are kept indoors. Only cats from infected households or where their owners are self-isolating, and only if the cat is happy to be kept indoors. Some cats cannot stay indoors due to stress-related medical reasons. “There have been a tiny number of cases of Covid-19 in animals and in all cases, it is likely that the transmission was human to animal. There is no evidence that pets can pass Covid-19 to their owners.”.

What we’re doing at Albany Pet Services to minimise the risk of Coronavirus

We felt important to share with you what we’re doing at Albany Pet Services in terms of hygiene precautions to ensure client and colleague safety given the current circumstances regarding Coronavirus. We are monitoring the Coronavirus situation and following the latest advice from the Government. Just to confirm myself and my colleagues have:

Not visited a high-risk area in the last two weeks

or are currently

Suffering from any flu like symptoms, including fever, coughing and shortness of breath.

Equally, as our clients if you fall into either category of the above, we kindly ask you get in touch with me to let me know.

As lone worker, completing solo walks and visits, myself and my colleagues don’t mix and meet every day, but we are in close contact over the phone. I have reiterated to my colleagues to let me know if they become ill or any family member becomes unwell.

Here are a few things we are enforcing to minimise risk and reinforce our proactive efforts given current concerns:

  • We are not currently using towels but are using kitchen roll to clean dogs after a walk- this is then disposed of afterwards. If you would like your pet to be dried using their own towel then please leave a towel out for us.
  • It goes without saying that myself and all colleagues are washing their hands with soap after each visit or walk and we have hand gel
  • As always, hot washes of any car linen is being completed

Social Distancing

In line with advice from the government about social distancing, to keep everyone in the UK as safe as possible we’re asking if it’s possible (if you’re home or a family member is) if we can can collect your pet:

  • from the garden

or if this isn’t possible please

  • leave them in the hall for us to collect from there

We will call/or text when we’re outside so you can pop them into the garden or hall. When we’ve arrived back from our lovely walk in the March sun, we leave your pet back in the garden/hall and let you know we’ve dropped them back home to you. This means we also won’t disturb you when you’re busy working.

Should you have any further concerns and for up to date information, please visit:





As always please feel free to call me on 07537807070 or contact me via lisa@albanypetservices.co.uk if you have any questions about anything.

If you or any of your family are unwell, we’re sending you our best wishes and thinking of you.

Your pets never fail to put a smile on our faces.

Lisa x

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