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Lisa is now offering virtual, in person, private training and group dog training and puppy classes under St Paws Training Academy!
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Are you a vet, groomer, pet care professional or do you have a child on the way? Would you find live or prerecorded workshops, worksheets and plans helpful for you, your clients and colleagues?

We can provide workshops on:

  • Making your clinic or workspace more cat friendly whether that be a vet’s or groomers.
  • Advice on dogs, cats and introductions to babies.
  • Preparing your pet for your new baby or child’s arrival.
  • An introduction to dog and cat body language.
  • Teaching children how to be safe around dogs.
  • Introduction cats and dogs for the first time.
  • Pet loss – which is often a type of disenfranchised grief.
  • How animals and pets learn – introducing a guide to operant and classical conditioning.
  • Common behavioural problems in pets and how to prevent them.
  • Information about different breeds and traits and health and behaviour considerations.


£75 per hour.

Contact Lisa to find out more.

We provide educational talks to schools, brownie groups and colleges too

The kids had a great time. Ella is diligently using her lesson with our neighbours dog and with dogs we encounter on the streets. I highly recommend your workshop.


Thanks for taking the time to come into Oaklands, the feedback I have had was brilliant from all of my colleagues and students. We will definitely keep in contact for future events / workshops.
Ryhs Wynne

Careers & Personal Development Coordinator, Oaklands College

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