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Cat Sitting

Cats are beautiful, majestic creatures. I think we can learn a lot from cats in their ability to be in the moment and how they relax and breathe. We want to get to know your cat. We believe that it’s important to play with your pet while we are car sitting for them.. kong kickeroo’s, tunnel hide and seek or flying feather toys, just let us know their preference. If it’s grooming or just being there ready with a welcoming lap to sit on – our lap is ready for them to paw on! We will always respect your cat’s wishes and if they are shyer and don’t feel ready to come out we will sit there and wait for them. There’s no pressure involved. We can care for your pet if they need specific medication at a specific time, if you’ve been called away in an emergency, or are out at work or away from home.

Our cat visits are 20 minutes long as we believe it’s vital to make your absence as stress free as possible. We can make these visits longer if you would like. It’s not enough to simply run in scoop their litter, and change food and water – to me that’s not quality or sufficient cat sitting care. We want your cat to get to know their carer, build a relationship and associate positive things when they arrive! They’ll miss your presence while you’re away and we want to make it as stress free as possible for them and have lots of playtime opportunities. Our cat sitting service in St Albans takes away the stress of car travel and a trip to a cattery or cat hotel where there are different sights, sounds and smells of strange unfamiliar cats and people coming in and out.

We believe less is more when it comes to cats.

We’d always let them approach us first and have a sniff of us – as well as their noses cats even have a second organ that they smell with – this is called the Jacobson’s organ and it’s inside their mouth!

Cats are creatures of habit and enjoy routine, so we will aim to maintain this as much as possible. We will find out whether your cat enjoys lap time and grooming or prefers a hand off approach. Cat’s have incredible noses and scientists believe that a ‘cat’s sense of smell is 100 times better than a humans’ so the smells of different cats in a cattery can be intense and disturbing. (Reference:BBC Cat Watch 2014). Their hearing is thought to be superior to humans dogs too (Reference: International cat care getting to know your cat course) We’re very passionate about the benefits of cat sitting in St Albans and beyond and Lisa’s article was published in the Pet Professional Guild’s magazine, you can read it here.

We know that it’s imperative to play with your pussycat. That’s why our visits are 20 minutes long.

What’s included – cat and kitten care visits:

  • Washing of food and water bowls
  • Feeding cats with puzzle feeders if you would like us to
  • Feeding cats separately if one eats the others food for example
  • Visits at specific times
  • Preparation of food including raw food and adding supplements
  • Administering medication
  • Grooming
  • Playtime
  • Fuss and attention
  • Replenishment of food and water
  • Scooping of litter trays and a deep clean of the tray can also be included
  • Administering medication
  • We also provide house care services including watering plants, opening blinds, taking out recycling and waste bins, picking up post and turning lights on and off
  • One visit or as many as you like – please just let us know

Why choose us?

  • Non – livered vehicles – we don’t advertise that we’re visiting your cat
  • Experienced key holders and in operating security alarms
  • Convenient online booking system available
  • Insured and DBS verified
  • As many visits as you like
  • Time saving and stress relieving as there’s no trip to and from the cattery involved
  • Available 365 days a year and often at short notice
  • We will keep in contact with you to let you know how your feline friend is
  • If your cat has a cat flap this can be left open so they can continue to explore outside
  • You can always meet the person who is caring for your cat and going into your home beforehand


£12 per visit per day between 8am – 6pm
£23 for 2 visits per day between 8am – 6pm
£4 supplement for visits after 6pm or before 8am

There’s no extra charge for weekend visits.

Travel: Homes outside a 5 mile radius of St Albans will be charged £1 per mile each way

The following days are charged at double rate: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

Christmas Eve and New Years Eve are charged time and a half. All other bank holidays incur a £10 supplement.

Cat and Kitten Care St Albans - Cute kittens

Thank you for being so flexible with rearranging visits when needed and for always arriving on time – it’s so important that my cat receives her food at set intervals so she isn’t sick and looses weight or over grooms. I’m so glad I have found a pet company who I can trust, who care about my cat’s welfare. Thank you for taking such good care of my pussycats.


St Albans

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