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Puppy socialisation shouldn’t be a free for all – here’s why

There are many puppy playgroups and puppy parties that occur. If you’re thinking of attending one it is important to ask what experience the organiser has of canine body language, to ensure that every puppy is having a good time. Moreover, how many people are...

How to prevent resource guarding and possessiveness in puppies

Resource guarding is a really important topic that I don’t think enough people are aware of – I know I wasn’t when I first started working with dogs. Resource guarding can occur when a dog feels threatened that you’re going to take an item that they think is of great...

Here are puppy training tips for you – The 10 commandments!

Congratulations, you’ve welcomed a new puppy into your heart and home.  Here’s a list of commandments to follow when you embark on your new life with your puppy: If you have a crate for your puppy then make their crate a safe haven ; somewhere where a puppy enjoys...

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