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Adolescent Dog Training

We can teach impulse control, learning not to jump up, reliable recall and loose lead walking all are fantastic dog training skills for your dog to master. It’s an exciting world out there and our dog’s naturally don’t have these skills, but they can be taught them with consistency and training. When dog’s hit adolescence it can feel that all their training has disappeared and it can be very frustrating. With our adolescent classes you’ll receive lots of training to get your dog back on track. This class is suitable for older dogs over 20 weeks and/or who have graduated from our puppy class.

We will teach and give guidance on:

Dog body language

We will cover dog body language – our favourite subject! We will teach you to know whether your dog (or other dogs) are comfortable in a situation or not – this is important to notice so you can prevent problems from the outset. We can teach you subtle dog body language signals to look for in other dogs so you can avoid any problems in the park.

Basic Manners

We will teach basic manners such as: wait, not jumping up,  hand targeting, eye contact (these can all be very useful in day to day situations when you would like your dog to relax, be patient or focus on you instead of the big fluffy dog in the distance!

Life – saving skills

We will teach how to leave items on the floor (people leave so much rubbish on the floor which is dangerous for your dog and can lead to expensive vet bills.) We will teach drop so you can have your comfy slipper back!

For times you’re out in the countryside with your dog, we can also teach them to come back when called  – avoiding stress and fear.

Settling down and being calm

We have guidance on teaching your dog to settle down quietly on their bed while you’re busy working or helping your children with their homework. We also can suggest activities to keep them occupied, content and entertained.

Some more manners

We have some loose leash walking solutions so your dog learns to walk nicely on the lead down the street without pulling towards other dogs and people. We can teach them how to not jump up on you, others, the kitchen counter in search of food.

Life is about having fun!

Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks?! Not us! We can teach some tricks that you and your family can teach your superstar dog.


We will also teach you how to set your dog up for success in their environment by relevant activities chews and toys and tell you about the equipment you’ll need for training.

We set up our loose lead walking programme as we know it can be painful and dangerous for you and your dog if they’re pulling on the lead. It doesn’t have to be like this!

What’s included as a class member:

⭐A Facebook community support group, with video sessions with a trainer,

⭐ Access to our online videos.

⭐  Live virtual lessons and tutorials.

⭐  The chance to meet and chat with other dog owners and build a community.

⭐ Support 5 days a week if you have any questions.

⭐ Training guides, worksheets and links to helpful content.

⭐ A certificate upon completion.

⭐  Discounts on our pet care services.

Why choose Lisa?

  • Professional and experienced canine carers and trainers
  • Ongoing Postgraduate Professional Development Programme in Clinical Animal Behaviour at the University of Edinburgh
  • Canine coaching diploma
  • We use only kind, modern and scientifically proven methods
  • Trained in canine body language
  • Supportive coaching – we’ve been there and know what you’re going through
  • Experienced dog care professional

When and how to book:

Wednesday 19th 10am – 11am for 5 weeks at Marlborough Road, St Albans. Please book here. 

January 13th 6pm. Every week for 5 weeks at Marlborough Road Methodist Church. Sold out.



£100 for 5 x 1 hour group sessions.

mature dog black white tan

Thank you Lisa. We have thoroughly enjoyed the classes. You explained all the training so clearly and the dog psychology behind it all so well. I also loved how you quickly adapted the training to meet every puppy and owners needs. We will not know what to do with ourselves now and we will miss the classes. We will keep putting the training and tips into use everyday. Thanks to your teaching our little Daphne is thriving as a confident sociable and polite little lady. Thank you!


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