Dog walking

Our solo or one to one professional dog walking service in St Albans can be tailored to meet your dog’s and your own needs and requirements.

One canine carer can walk your dog if that’s what you would prefer. This way they get to know your dog and their preferences.

Does your dog bark or lunge at other dogs and display signs that they’re nervous and uncomfortable? They will a dog walker who is calm, patient, understanding and trained in canine body language.

Is your dog elderly and do they prefer pottering around on a walk rather than having a high impact group walk where the younger dogs are more rowdy?

Or is your dog a new puppy or rescue dog and you would like to reinforce training and ensure they’re getting individual attention while they settle into their new home?

This is where our solo and one to one dog walking service can help.

If you would like a dog walk that’s mentally enriching for your dog then we can practise things such as eye contact, loose lead walking and recall games. These examples incorporate training into the dog walk.
You may like a relaxing dog walk for your dog. This is where we can go to a quiet spot, let your dog off (if it’s safe to do so and with your permission) and let them have a wander round, exploring and sniffing out rabbit holes. We can place treats underneath leaves and ask them to find them.
With a dog walk that’s focused on exercise we can provide outlet’s for your dog to let off steam by sprinting and running round in short bursts.

Customers tell us that our solo dog walking service is more personal than group walkers they’ve used in the past as we can devote the time attention and care your dog deserves. They say their dog comes back relaxed, sleepy and happy!

We’ve also invested a lot of time and money on training courses to ensure that we have extensive knowledge of dogs and their body language when providing a dog walker service to you and your canine companion.

We do solo dog walking, as we believe it’s the securest way of ensuring your dog’s well being on walks. It’s also personable and fun!

What’s included:

  • We can travel to quieter area’s in Hertfordshire where there’s no need for your dog to come into contact with lots of dogs if you don’t want them to
  • Updates about your dog’s walk including text reports or hand written reports
  • Photo’s and video’s of course!
  • Reinforcing training such as hand targetting such as ‘touch’
  • Advice on equipment and walking techniques
  • Wiping off muddy paws
  • Collecting your dog and dropping them back home
  • Replenishing water bowls and providing water after the walk and during if required
  • Solo walks in local green spots.
  • Toys to play with
  • Re-enforcing of cue’s on your request

Why choose us?

  • Non – livered vehicles – we don’t advertise that we’re picking up and transporting your dog
  • Walks in quieter areas if that’s what you and your dog prefer
  • First aid kit carried on board
  • Experienced key holders and in operating security alarms
  • Convenient online booking system available via the pet portal
  • Insured and DBS verified
  • We will provide you with an honest report of your dog’s walk


£18 per 1 hour walk Monday – Friday
£21 per 1 hour walk Saturday – Sunday
£26.50 per 1 hour walk for 2 dogs from the same household – Monday – Friday
£29 per 1 hour walk for 2 dogs from the same household – Saturday – Sunday

We do solo dog walking, as we believe it’s the securest way of ensuring your dog’s well being on walks.

Travel: Homes outside a 5 mile radius of St Albans will be charged £1 per mile each way

The following days are charged at double rate: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Good Friday,Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

Christmas Eve and New Years Eve are charged time and a half. All other bank holidays incur a £10 supplement.

Solo dog walking St Albans - Golden Retreiver

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your incredible work and help with our rescued dog she loves seeing you and trusts you implicitly. You have given her so much confidence and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you…”


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