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Perhaps your dog is really mucky and you don’t want them snoozing on the sofa with you until that fox poo has been washed down the drain – yuck! Or perhaps you have a visitor who is nervous of dogs and doesn’t want them beside them on the sofa.

Here are some options you can try:

Teach them and on and off cue.

To do this tap on the sofa and just before they jump up say “on” and then give a treat then tap on the floor and tell them “off”.

Teach them the come cue so they come to you.


Things to do

Make sure your dog has a comfy alternative resting spot next to the sofa. A few options will be good for them incase they get bored.

Things not to do

Don’t manhandle your dog and move them especially if they are showing the whites of their eyes, yawning and definitely not growling. Imagine if you were lying in bed and someone startled you and plonked you on the floor – you may react too!

Things to remember

Our dogs are always learning – whether we are training them or not. Ensure all family members are following the same process.

Lisa Sinnott cuddling a dog on her lap

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