How We Work


Initial enquiry

After you contact us about our pet care services we will send you details on how to register your details on your online Pet Portal. Here you can write detailed notes about your pets routine, characteristics and behaviour as well as their vet details and an emergency contact person, if we couldn’t get hold of you.

We organise a preliminary meeting free of charge to meet with you and your pet.This initial meeting also gives us both the opportunity to see if your pet and how we work are compatible and if we are able to help. We will bring along our certificates and go on a walk together if it is a dog care enquiry. You can show us where all your pets supplies and equipment is as well as any cleaning products.

The preliminary meeting also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate any house alarms and key access to your property.


Confirmation of the booking

To confirm the booking we will send you an invoice outlining the dates and service booked. Payment is required prior to the assignment via bank transfer or cheque.


Preparing for the visit

Please leave all your pets equipment in an accessible location – such as harnesses, leads, food, grooming brushes, litter & toys.

Ensure that all dangerous items are out of your pets reach such as cleaning materials, toxic plants and flowers, ornaments, Christmas decorations and food.

Leave your pets medication along with vet’s instructions. It’s a good idea to let your vet know that we will be caring for your pet in your absence as some vets have rules regarding data protection.

For battery operated cat flaps please leave a spare set of batteries.

Please leave out your cat’s carrier in the event we needed to take them to the vet.

In the colder months ensure that your home is set to a suitable temperature for your pets.

Ensure you let anybody else who has access to the property such as cleaners, tenants, landlords that we’re visiting.

If your cat is allowed outside access please provide us with a photo in the event that they went missing.

Before you go away, please log on to your client portal via pet sitter plus to ensure your pet’s details are accurate – such as feeding amounts, medication requirements, vet details and yours and your emergency contact details.

Please leave out relevant cleaning products.


During the service

We can keep in contact via text, watsapp, email or phone if you prefer.

We can send photos and videos of your pet to you (we know you love these!).

Please contact us as much as you like to see how your pet is.

After the service has taken place

Please let us know once you arrive home.

If your flight is delayed please let us know so we can continue caring for your pet.

Your keys will be kept in a locked device separate from your address details as to comply with the data protection act.

We can retain your keys for any future visits you may like to book. We will not leave your key in your home after the visit has taken place in case there’s a delay with your return – this way we can carry on caring for your pet. We can return your keys once you have returned home. if you would like us to return your keys there may be a small £5 charge for this.

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