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Article – July 2018 – BARKS from the Guild Magazine, Pet Professional Guild Lisa smiling alongside a handsome black and white cat

An article where Lisa discusses the pro’s and con’s of a cattery stay vs a pet sitter for a cat’s wellbeing while their guardian’s are away.



Article – June 2018 – The Herts Advertiser

Lisa and Mum Angie in outside a lake in Buckingham Palace gardens

St Albans business woman is invited to Buckingham Palace to celebrate Prince Charles’
70th Birthday Patronage.


Article – May 2018 – My Local News

Lisa and Marisa from APGAW

City’s pet services owner invited to speak to Marisa Heath from the APGAW in Parliament.


Article – July 2017 – The Herts AdvertiserPrinces Trust logo

St Albans start-up pet care business gets support from The Prince’s Trust.






Pet First Aid Tips

Pet First Aid Tips

I spent a few hours in the minor injuries department in St Albans City Hospital, this week.. I dropped my very heavy laptop on my big tootsie and had to check whether it was broken! Luckily it isn't! The nurses were very kind and helpful and I was seen relatively...

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This way please.. thank you.

I talk to pets. I say please and thank you to them. You may think I'm a bit crazy, but there's method in my so called madness so please do read on. I remember when I first set up my business and a lady who I admire very much for all her qualifications and all the work...

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Solo dog walks

I interact with dogs daily and obviously have to get up close and personal with dogs very quickly in terms of going into their home and popping on their harness to go for a walk. I always arrange a free initial consultation with the dog and their guardian in a public...

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Different Dogs…

Whether they’re the same breed or not, all the dogs I walk are individuals and they have different likes, dislikes, traits, characteristics, temperaments and needs. Having said this, when planning to welcome a dog into your home it’s really important to consider their...

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Cattery care or cat sitter?

This article seeks to determine whether catteries or visits from a pet sitting company are the most preferable option for a cat’s wellbeing, while their guardians are away. I will discuss the option of cattery stays and visits from a pet sitting company and the...

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