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Cats are creatures who thrive on habit and routine. Our daily cat sitting  service eliminates the stress that can be involved in getting in the cat basket, travelling in the car and all the different sights and smells of different animals. If your trip is delayed that’s okay – we can continue caring for them and they will be at home waiting for you.

Cat sitting - white and grey cat with blue eyes
ginger and white cat licking paw


We’re professional cat sitters in St Albans and Harpenden. We can visit your cat or kitten as many times as you like. Our cat sitting service provides feeding, playtime and a warm lap to sit on! We can scoop their litter tray and provide deep cleans of it (after all cat’s are elegant creature’s and will certainly not go to the bathroom in a unkempt loo!).

Sitting pets - golden retriever puppy and a grey kitten


Do you have cat at home and are you thinking about welcoming a puppy home? It’s really important that you arrange your home for your cat so that it feels safe and content as cats can experience stress related disorders. This is available as an online option too.

Cute cat outdoors


If you require behavioural advice about your cat or kitten, rather than behavioural modification, then Lisa can help with you with kitten socialisation, new cat introductions, weight management, preparing your cat for a house move, occupational therapy for elderly cats and advice for cats living with Feline Idiopathic Cystitis.This is available online too. 

Grey cat and white dog
A black cat sits beside her owner who's on the pc


If your cat is eliminating outside of their litter tray urine spraying or showing aggression it’s imperative to go to the vet for a check up. It can be very upsetting when a cat displays a behaviour that is worrying to us and it could be due to pain.

A fluffy cat sits on the floor during cat sitting


Click here for some more information about cats.

My holiday is made all the better knowing that my cat is in such good hands. You’re a star and I’ve never seen my cat look so content. Thank you.

I’m going to highly recommend you to everyone!


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