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Cat and New Puppy Guide 

Cats are creatures of routine and habit. Welcoming a new puppy home may be stressful for them. Stress can make a cat very unwell and they can experience negative emotions such as fear and frustration. The emotions can manifest in problematic behaviour such as aggression, hiding or house soiling. If it’s not addressed chronic distress on a cat’s immune system may lead to decline in physical heath and cause idiopathic cystitis. Prevention is always better than cure. A cat’s environment is really important to them and we can work with you to optimise your home for them so you have a  content cat.

We set up our online workshop so you can have tips to set up your dog and cat up for success in their new relationship together

Creating an environment where your cat feels safe and secure is important for their physical and mental health and wellbeing. A harmonious dog and cat relationship is important for everyone in the family.

      What’s included:

  • Consideration of your cat’s breed and what games and activities they may like in particular
  • Support on choosing a breed of dog
  • How to manage first introductions
  • Steps on how to train your dog to be calm around your cat

    Why choose Lisa?

  • Completed courses with Cats Protection
  • Completed International Cat Care’s ‘getting to know your cat’ course
  • Professional and experienced
  • Ongoing PPD in clinical animal behaviour with the University of Edinburgh Royal Vet College


£58 for one hour call and 2 x 30 minute follow up phone calls.

Solo dog walking St Albans - Golden Retreiver

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