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It’s an important decision choosing someone to look after or train your pet – you want peace of mind that they’ll be cared for in your absence and you only want to use kind, safe and scientifically based training methods. You want to know, as well as the basics of being vetted and insured and trained in first aid that your pet is being cared for, attended to and their routine is being followed. We have pet sitting software that you can login to and update your pets details such as vet information and you can make updates at any time – perhaps their medication dose has changed, or perhaps you forgot to mention that your dog likes being wrapped up in a blanket while their snoozing on the sofa!

Does your dog like playing games on walks – a cheeky game of tug perhaps? To borrow a phrase from Sarah Whitehead – what’s their jolly spot?! Where are your cat’s secret hideaways and where are their favourite places to perch high up on? Does your rabbit enjoy nibbling hay from your hand? Let us know and we will make sure your pet receives the level of attention they would for you.

We understand that those little things you do for your pet are important: positioning a chair in a certain way so your elderly cat can reach it easily, leaving a lamp on so your puppies not in complete darkness at night and putting the tap on so your cat can enjoy a sip of running water! Just let us know and we will accommodate as much as we can.

We want to develop an understanding of your pet, their likes, dislikes and habits, so we can devise a training or enrichment plan, or care guide that’s suited to both of your needs.

Albany Pet Services is insured by Pet Business Insurance, our insurance number is1016291. All our colleagues have clear DBS checks.

Lisa pet sitting. She is on the chair with a red setter leaning on her

Peace of mind that they’ll be cared for in your absence

Our professional solo dog walking service

We’re passionate about providing stimulating environments for the pets we care for; we go to a variety of walking spots in Hertfordshire (smells are so enriching and important for the brain’s limbic system!). We also like to find out their favourite games and toys to play with depending on their breed. We believe that pets are individuals who have different needs, likes and dislikes and we care for them based around this.

We offer solo or one to one dog walks or walk 2 dogs from the same household.

We offer solo dog walks or walk 2 dogs from the same household. We believe in supervised, controlled dog play rather than letting dogs loose and things getting out of hand, and dogs that are less boisterous feeling uncomfortable. Moreover, with solo dog walks, if a dog was unwell it means we can get them to the vet as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We believe in supervised, controlled dog play rather than letting dogs loose and things getting out of hand.

We’re committed to learning about canine body language and facial expression so we’re in a good position to predict any concerning situations between dogs that could potentially occur when out on walks, and take the steps to pre-empt them. We want to get background knowledge of how your dog is on walks, its previous experiences, and his/her energy levels and routines. Dogs have different personalities; different preferences and different tolerances, just like us. By offering solo dog walks we can offer tailored walks to dogs that may not cope well in group situations, elderly dogs or dogs with disabilities.

Lisa Sinnott walking a dog playing with a frisbee
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