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It’s an important decision choosing someone to look after your pet – you want peace of mind that they’ll be cared for in your absence. You want to know, as well as the basics of being vetted and insured and trained in first aid that your pet is being cared for, attended to and their routine is being followed. We have pet sitting software that you can login to and update your pets details such as vet information and you can make updates at any time – perhaps their medication dose has changed, or perhaps you forgot to mention that your dog likes being wrapped up in a blanket while their snoozing on the sofa!

Does your dog like playing with other dogs? Do they prefer chasing squirrels in the park? Where are your cat’s secret hideaways and where are their favourite places to perch high up on? Does your rabbit enjoy nibbling hay from your hand?

We understand that those little things you do for your pet are important: positioning a chair in a certain way so your elderly cat can reach it easily, leaving a lamp on so your puppies not in complete darkness at night and putting the tap on so your cat can enjoy a sip of running water! Just let us know and we will accommodate as much as we can.


We want to develop an understanding of your pet, their likes, dislikes and habits, so we can care for them as you would. We know how important they are to you – and you to them!

Cute furry cat

Peace of mind that they’ll be cared for in your absence

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