Cat Enrichment Service 

Just like dogs, cats and kittens have needs, desires and instincts that they need to fulfil. These include opportunities to hunt, stalk, pounce and play! They may include hunting and working for food too, just as they would do if they were in the wild (mice are very small and could get into all sorts of nooks and crannies and a cat would have to manoeuver with their paws to access them!)

Not having suitable outlets for natural cat behaviours can result in boredom and frustration. If a cat is bored they may vocalise and overeat and this can lead to lots of health problems including diabetes. This is why we have launched a cat enrichment service. We will show you lots of innovative ways to enrich your cats life and their living environment via video call.  We will show you games, activities and toys your cat may like as we know it can be hard to find games that they are interested in… just like children when you buy them the toy kitchen they simply want the box or your house keys to play with!

You can show us your cats main living area and we can show you how to make it more cat friendly.

We can then write up a report for you which incorporates  toys, activities and enrichment plans.

Our cat enrichment service is designed to suit all budgets there are so many DIY ideas that you may not have even thought of!  Our enrichment activities are designed to be just that – enriching and not frustrating so they are designed into 3 levels 1, 2 and 3 – 1 is beginner, 2 intermediate and 3 expert. If your cat has mastered one stage then we can move up to the next.

An important note: if your cat is showing aggression or another behaviour that you are concerned by there may be an underlying medical problem causing the behavioural challenge that our enrichment service may not be able to help with. Please also talk to your vet to rule out any medical conditions. Cats are masters at hiding pain as they’re are both predatory animals  and prey animals too – it’s not ideal for them to look vulnerable!

We set up our cat enrichment service as we know that cats need mental and physical stimulation just like dogs.

What’s included:

  • Written report of ideas to try with your cat
  • Consideration of your cat’s breed and what games and activities they may like in particular 
  • DIY enrichment ideas and examples

Why choose us?

  • Completed a course with International Cat Care 
  • Professional and experienced

£20 per 30 minute call

We provide enrichment services for cats as we know cats love and need to play to be happy, content and stress free.

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