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Pulling on the Lead – Walking Solutions

Is your dog pulling on their leash when you’re walking? Is your dog pulling and lunging to get to other dogs when you walk down the street? Are they hurting their neck when they pull and hurting you too? We understand how stressful this can be and we provide a dog training solution to overcome this.

It can be painful, dangerous and embarrassing when your dog pulls on the lead. Get in touch and we can teach you solutions to stop your dog from pulling on the lead. We will guide you how to teach your dog that pulling you down the street won’t get them where they want to go more quickly. Loose lead walking is an important life skill to master and the skills learnt include impulse control which can be relevant for a host of other training solutions such as recall.

We will get to the cause of why your dog is pulling on the lead and how to stop it. We are qualified and only use positive force free methods so you can get your dog’s attention without having to apply pressure. Dog’s have learnt that pulling gets them where they want to go more quickly so they pull on the other end of the leash to do so. We will teach them impulse control and let you know what dog training accessories and dog training treats you will need.

We understand that training can be hard to incorporate it in to your life. We can provide you with a complimentary coaching plan so you can incorporate training into your day to day life to meet you and your canine companion’s coaching goals. We will ask you what/who your dog pulls towards in the initial questionnaire so we can provide a bespoke personalised loose lead walking service relevant to yours and your dog’s training needs.

We set up our loose lead walking programme as we know it can be painful and dangerous for you and your dog if they’re pulling on the lead. It doesn’t have to be like this!

What’s included:

  • How to worksheets
  • 2 x 60 minute one to one sessions
  • Video’s to guide you
  • Discussions about the situations your dog pulls on the lead in particular
  • A FREE coaching plan worth £20
  • A google document we can access so you can update us with your progress and we can add comments on any challenges arising

Why choose Lisa?

  • Completed a course in loose lead walking
  • Professional Development Programme in Clinical Animal Behaviour, Uni of Edinburgh Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies (from Sept 2020)
  • Canine coaching diploma
  • Supportive coaching – we’ve been there and know what you’re going through
  • Experienced dog care professional
  • Professional dog walking diploma
  • Professional and experienced canine carers and trainers
  • Members of the Animal Training Academy and Animal Building Blocks Academy
  • We use only kind, modern and scientifically proven methods


£130 or 2 x 1 hour sessions

How do I book?

Please email Lisa: lisa@albanypetservices.co.uk

Fancy trying and finding out more before you commit?

Why not book in for a 30 minute online session with us? Contact Lisa to arrange it lisa@albanypetservices.co.uk

We’d be delighted to meet you and your dog and find out what your needs are.

Dog checks in St Albans - Cute pug

We’ve seen great gains in his self control since we’ve done our loose lead walking practice. The lead stroking works really well. 


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