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Recall Solutions – coming back when called

Is your dog easily distracted? Do they not listen to you? It can be stressful and dangerous when your dog doesn’t come back when called. Recall is such an important life skill to master! Perhaps there’s a busy main road and your dog is heading for it – you need to call them back safely to you. Perhaps there’s a dog that’s not comfortable around other dogs and you need to call your dog away or quite simply perhaps you need to get home after your walk and you’d like your dog to listen to you and come when called. We can help you to teach your dog to race back when called. We understand that training is something that takes continual practice and it can be hard to incorporate it in to your life. We can provide you with a complimentary coaching plan so you can incorporate training into your day to day life and meet you and your canine companion’s coaching goals.

Having a dog that doesn’t come back when called can be dangerous and stressful. There may be a road close by or livestock.

What’s included?

  • How to worksheets
  • 2 x 60 minute one to one sessions
  • Getting behind the reason your dog doesn’t come back when called
  • FREE coaching plan to help you implement your training worth £20
  • Open UK and Ireland wide. If you’re in another country please contact me to arrange a time

Why choose Lisa?

  • Completed a recall course
  • Canine coaching diploma
  • Worksheets and articles provided
  • Supportive coaching – we’ve been there and know what you’re going through – as dog professionals we understand the importance of recall and that it can be stressful and scary when you’re dog doesn’t come back when called!
  • Trained in pet first aid
  • Experienced dog care professional


£140 for 2 x 1 hour sessions

How do I book?

Please email Lisa: lisa@albanypetservices.co.uk

Fancy trying and finding out more before you commit?

Why not book in for a 30 minute online session with us? Contact Lisa to arrange it lisa@albanypetservices.co.uk

We’d be delighted to meet you and your dog and find out what your needs are.

Dog checks in St Albans - Cute pug
Beryl poses with her recall certificate

I had a great training session with Lisa and my dog Smithy! He’s quite a well behaved dog and we’d learnt a lot in puppy school, but it was so helpful getting advice and practice on how to use what we’d learnt in real life situations when there are lots more distractions. Lisa gave me some really useful tips about getting Smithy to come back when other dogs are around, and his recall from other dogs has been WAY better ever since. She also sent me loads of great info and links in a follow up email so I can continue with the training! Thanks so much Lisa!


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