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Our Ethos & Values

Our ethos: To acknowledge that all companion animals are individual characters and to respect this. To work with and communicate with their guardian’s to provide care and training that can be tailored to their individual pet’s needs.

Why work with us?

We know its a big responsibility choosing someone to work with your pet and you and family. We want to provide a service that is bespoke and personalised that’s why we ask you to fill out key information about your pet – we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach! Every pet can have different needs and can learn at different paces, and everyone’s family unit can be different too. 

Our Values

  • Conscientious

  • Reliable

  • Positivity

  • Open & honest communication


  • Professional

  • Focused on the job

  • Caring and compassionate

  • Continued Professional Development

Completed Courses

We are committed to expanding our knowledge of companion animals – they enrich our lives in so many different ways and they give us unconditional love and make us laugh! They deserve understanding so we can help to enhance their lives.

Asher and Millie both have diplomas from Oaklands College in Animal Care and Management and Asher is currently in his final year at University Centre Reaseheath, in Chester where he is studying Animal Behaviour & Welfare. Elliot is currently working towards his diploma in Animal Care and Management at Oaklands too.

Here are a list of courses Lisa has been on:

Training and Behaviour

University of Edinburgh Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Postgraduate Professional Development Programme in Clinical Animal Behaviour, (ongoing).

This course looks at managing a wide variety of problem behaviours performed by captive domestic animals. The subject involves a multidisciplinary approach drawing on knowledge and techniques from the fields of psychology, ethology, neurobiology, pharmacology and veterinary science. After I have completed this programme I hope to go on to complete a masters in clinical animal behaviour.

Canine Principles, Canine Coaching Diploma

This course is packed full with scientific dog behaviour knowledge and conscientious canine awareness about how dogs learn and how we can train them. Skills include loose lead walking, recall, preventing and eliminating some barking, and puppy life skills such as settling, leave it and drop.

IMDT’s Perfect Puppy Course

A course that highlighted the building blocks for life with a new puppy and puppy behaviour such as chewing, toilet habits, playtime, enrichment and how puppies are learning all the time.

Grisha Stewart’s Behavioural Adjustment 2.0 Training Course

BAT℠ helps animals gain confidence and social skills. BAT is a natural method that creates an emotionally safe interaction with minimal intrusion. BAT is especially useful when the “triggers” for frustration, aggression, or fear are living beings, for example when dogs bark at or bite other dogs or people. The course gave me some excellent lead techniques to use when walking reactive dogs and tips to get out of situations when off lead dog’s are approaching us.

Pet care and safety

Animal Aiders First Aid Course

I’ve completed a first aid course which includes how to react to events such as burns and choking. I also carry a first aid kit in my car.

Compass Education, the Animal Behaviour Distance Learning College, Professional Dog Walking Diploma

This diploma course covers 6 modules: canine anatomy, first aid, form and function, body language, law and aggression. I have a personal tutor who I submit my coursework to. The canine anatomy module focused on spotting signs such as canine injuries such luxating patella’s. For the form and function module I submitted a piece of work on everything there is to know about the Shetland Sheepdog.

Pet and House Sitting Course

This course highlighted house security and looking after a number of pets from puppies to chinchillas.

Dog Courses

Sarah Whitehead’s Learn to Talk Dog Course

Sarah Whitehead (MSc) runs the Clever Dog Company. This course covers canine facial expression and body language – it’s fascinating! It’s provided me with a fantastic overview of how dogs communicate their feelings in different situations and how to spot when a dog feels uncomfortable. It’s been incredibly helpful on walks with dogs. I’ve learnt how to spot the four f’s of canine stress – fight, freeze, flee and fiddle about.

Victoria Stilwell’s Inside Your Dogs Mind Course

This course explored how dogs think, feel, learn and process the world around them and how we can apply this knowledge when sharing the world with them. It covers breakthroughs in canine cognitive science, canine ethology & the canine brain, measuring your dog’s intelligence, dogs and emotions, how dogs learn and cognition games and exercises for your dog.


Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Course

Losing a pet can mean losing a best friend. As a volunteer I listen to people and provide emotional support on the phone who have experienced pet loss from bereavement, family break up’s and financial issues. Unfortunately, losing a pet often results in disenfranchised grief, as people don’t feel that they have anyone to talk to who will understand the magnitude of their loss.

Blue Cross Educational Talks – book a talk here 

The Blue Cross education team give free talks across Hertfordshire promoting responsible pet ownership from hamsters to horses. The talks range from how to look after different pets on how to stay safe around dogs. Over 200,000 people are involved in dog attacks each year, most of them children. By visiting primary schools to teach children about dog body language and how to behave around dogs we are making a difference.

International Cat Care – Getting to know your cat course

This course covers information about a cat’s ethology, preventing problem behaviours such as house soiling and a focus on what a cat needs to be happy and content in the environment.

Professional Memberships

Animal Building Blocks Academy Professional Member

Animal Training Academy Professional Member


I’m particularly interested in animal body language, neuroscience and caring for elderly pets.

I’m committed to expanding my knowledge regarding reactive dogs and stimulation for indoor cats.

SME Awards - Business Women of the year
Lux Life Pet Product Services Awards
SME National Business Awards Family Business of the Year Finalist 2020
Best Business Women Awards 2020 finalist
NHS Staff Discounts
Professional Member ABBA

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