Pet Sitting & House Sitting

We can help take care of your pet if they’re recently recovering from an operation and you’re going back to work, if you’re away on holiday, if you have been called away due to a family emergency or simply if you’re out for the evening. Perhaps your pet is recovering or suffering from separation anxiety or shows distress when left alone – our pet sitting service will help care for your pets.

We will ask you to fill out a home consultation form which has information about your pet’s routine such as feeding times and amounts, medication requirements, bedtime routines and also your home requirements such as watering of plants, taking in parcels and days to take out waste and recycling.

Our house and pet sitting service provides peace of mind that your house is secure in your absence too. We have experience of looking after multi – pet households in St Albans. Feedback from clients is that their pet is happier in their home environment. We believe it’s a much more comfortable and stress free alternative to the different sights of other animals and people, and the sounds and smells of a kennel or a cattery visit or dog boarding service. We provide a personalised service and follow your pet’s routine while you’re away – a nice chew before bed and making sure they’re wrapped up in a blanket while their snoozing on the sofa – please just let us know what you do for your pet and we will follow suit! We will send you updates and photos and videos of your pet while you’re away, or call you to let you know how they are.

Your keys are kept separate from your address details to comply with the data protection act and are placed in a locked device.

We don’t wear uniforms or drive in marked cars so the fact you’re away from home is not advertised.

We’re often available at short notice and on bank holidays.

Free home security service

What’s included:

  • Cleaning and grooming of pets (dependent on pet)
  • 1 x 1 hour walk or 2 x 30 minute walks depending on what is suitable for your dog(s)
  • Basic household tasks such as answering the telephone, opening and shutting blinds and curtains, taking in post and deliveries, and taking out waste and recycling
  • Free home security service
  • Maintaining your pets routine
  • Feeding and replenishing water


Pet & House Sitting – Hourly for one pet: £13 per hour

Pet & House Sitting – 12 hour period for one pet: £45

Pet & House Sitting – 24 hour period for one pet: £55

If you have more than one pet please contact us for a quote:

Travel: Homes outside a 5 mile radius of St Albans will be charged £1 per mile each way

The following days are charged at double rate: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

Christmas Eve and New Years Eve are charged time and a half. All other bank holidays incur a £20 supplement.

Great service. Lisa did a wonderful job of house/dog sitting over a long weekend. Gave us the comfort of knowing [our dog] was happy at home with someone he is always delighted to see!
Lisa Pierre Mason

St Albans

Contact Lisa to find out more or to book your FREE home visit.