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Lisa Sinnott hosts a podcast about companion animals. Each month animal health and behaviour experts and charities will talk about animals and how to understand and enrich their lives. We will talk about training, behaviour and how we can promote our pets mental and physical health. Expect to raise your eyebrows in surprise from all the new facts and knowledge you’ll gain! We’re delighted our podcast is on Dog Desk Radio, the nation’s animal station.

Episode 16 – Dr Sarah Caney – Cat Care including care for elderly cats

Episode 15 – Elaine Henley – Talking about parrots

Episode 14 – Hannah Capon – Canine Arthritis Management 

Episode 13 – Ingrid Johnson, Making your home more feline friendly

Episode 12 – Dr Vicki O’Gorman, Vet, Boosting mental and physical wellbeing for your pet

Episode 11 – Diane James, The Blue Cross, What support there is for you if you have lost a pet

Episode 10 – Helen Spicer, The Blue Cross – Teaching children about pet care

Episode 9 – Dr Susan Friedman, Behaviour Works –  How Animals Learn

Episode  8 – Ryan Cartlidge, Animal Training Academy – Training animals

Episode 7 – Suzanne Rogers, Human Behaviour Change for Animals, Having difficult conversations

Episode 6 – PC Dave Wardell, Fabulous Finn, Finn Law’s Part 2

Episode 5 – Hayley Heley, Wood Green, Enrichment and playtime

Episode 4 – Dr Jon Rubin, Battlers Green Vets, Poison Prevention Week

Episode 3 – Alex Taylor RVN, The Cat Nurse, Optimal Cat Care

Episode 2 – Dr Mike Groombridge, Three Bears Vets, Ask the Vet

Episode 1 – Gretta Ford, A Different Dog, Problem prevention in puppies 



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