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Puppy Sitting

The first few weeks of a puppy’s life are formative. Puppies cannot be left alone for too long or they may experience separation related challenges. Our puppy care visits are for puppy’s up to one years old. Any experiences a puppy has outside of your care should be carefully managed up to the age of 6 months. Puppies are socialisation sponges and any experiences they have (good or bad) can leave a lasting impression on them and create fear in later life. It’s imperative they are cared for with consideration and not overwhelmed by other dogs that play too roughly. We can visit your puppy at their home and be there to care for them while you’re out. We can replenish their food and water bowl, play games with them and reinforce desired behaviour with treats/kibble – after all what gets rewarded gets repeated! Puppies can be nippy, playful, bundles of energy and while we stay with them we will play lots of games to direct any excess energy and kurb and frustration and boredem. We can take your puppy out for toilet breaks in the garden to ensure their toilet training doesn’t go awry.

The first few formative weeks of a puppy’s life are critical.

What’s included:

  • Replenishing food and water bowls
  • Playtime and games appropriate to their age and breed
  • Reinforcing cues and desired behaviour with treats/their food
  • Cleaning up any accidents
  • Taking out for toilet breaks
  • A short walk if this is suitable and they’ve had all their vaccinations

Why choose us:

  • Non – livered vehicles – we don’t advertise that your dog is home alone
  • Walks in quieter areas if that’s what you and your dog prefer
  • A Whatsapp group with you and your family members so we can be in contact and answer any questions before, during and after the puppy care sessions. The Whatsapp group is also helpful for those all important video’s and photos of your little one, too of course!
  • First aid kit carried on board our vehicle incase it was needed
  • Experienced key holders and in operating security alarms
  • Convenient online booking system available


£16 per hour visit.

We also provide puppy classes and one to one training if you would like your puppy to learn life saving skills. These skills can be reinforced by our dog carers for consistency, so your puppy is set up for success with everyone who is apart of their life.

Puppy care home visits

Albany have been waking my puppy Lola for several weeks now and I can’t rate her highly enough. She is genuine kind, gentle and very knowledgable and Lola adores her . She walks her on a 1:1 basis and I completely trust her at my home and with my dog.

Susan Hamilton

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