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You’ve welcomed a new puppy into your heart and home.. congratulations! Investing in training with your puppy now and getting things right from the start will help you for years to come.

Here’s how we can help…

Labrador with his tongue hanging out


Are you considering welcoming a dog into your heart and home? There are a wealth of considerations and things to do before they arrive home. We can guide you through so you set off on the right start.

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Puppies, like children, will need to be taught essential life skills such as impulse control to be well behaved and safe in our busy world. Our puppy training programme helps you to help your puppy cultivate their skills so they can be wonderful additions to our family and are taught boundaries. We can offer this service as an online option.

Cute puppy with red collar sitting on carpet


Do you need advice about your new puppy right away or do you have puppy training questions? We offer bespoke, personalised, live puppy care and training advice over the phone or via Skype. Although it’s a wonderful time welcoming your puppy home, it can be overwhelming too, we’re here to offer support.


There’s a critical window of 3 -12 weeks where puppies need to experience different sights, sounds and experiences to become resilient, happy, emotionally resilient and well behaved dogs.
We’re here to help show you the ways you can socialise your puppy. Prevention is better than cure.


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You’ve welcomed a new puppy into your heart and home.. congratulations! There’s lots of things your puppy will need to learn to keep safe and learn how to behave  in our big wide world!

Our puppy classes are fun, informative and a fantastic investment.


King Charles Spaniel on grass


You’ve welcomed a new puppy into your heart and home..where do you start? What should you buy, how should you prepare, what should be a priority? Our puppy guide can help you with this.


Thank you so much [for the advice] Lisa it was very helpful.

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