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Puppy Programme

Our private supportive coaching will help to give you the results and relief you need.

Puppies, like children, will need to be taught essential life skills and boundaries such as impulse control, listening and manners so they can learn how to be well behaved and safe in our busy world.

Our training sessions cover:


Toilet Training – Puppies have tiny bladders so toilet training is one of the first things we will teach.

No nipping and mouthing – Puppies have sharp, needle teeth that can be very painful when they’re on skin and can they can rip clothes, we will provide guidance on stopping mouthing behaviours on your skin.

Recall – For times you’re out in the park, we can also teach your puppy to come back when called when they’re off lead – saving stress, worry and embarrassment.

Settling – We have guidance on teaching your puppy to settle down quietly while you’re busy working or helping your children with their homework. We can offer advice on crate training too. We also can suggest fun activities to keep your puppy occupied.

Problem Prevention

Body language – We will teach you to know whether your dog (or other dogs) are comfortable in a situation or not – this is important to notice so your puppy doesn’t become scared of a situation and can prevent potential emotional and behavioural problems later on. We can teach you subtle dog body language signals to look for in other dogs so you can avoid any problems in the park.

Handling – We will teach you how to handle your puppy appropriately to habituate them to situations where it’s imperative they are handled for their wellbeing – such as at the veterinarians and the groomers.

Socialisation and habituation – We will teach you how to set up environments so that your puppy experiences sights, sounds and surfaces during the critical socialisation period – it’s imperative they experience different environments during the window 3 – 12 weeks or they may become fearful of these situations later on which can be difficult to treat and costly. Prevention is always better than cure.

We will also focus on prevention techniques your puppy is not worried about people coming near to things they value such as toys and food – this is so important as possessiveness over items (resource guarding) can be a difficult challenge to overcome.

Puppies are social creatures they need to learn that us leaving for work and school is nothing to worry about and we will always come back to them. We will teach you how to avoid separation related disorders so your puppy doesn’t worry or cry excessively when you leave them.

Basic manners

We guide you through basic manners such as: sit, say, lie down, hand targeting, eye contact (these can all be very useful in day to day situations when you would like your dog to relax, be patient or focus on you).

Pulling on the lead: Our walk with me guide provides loose lead walking solutions so your puppy learns to walk nicely on the lead down the street without hurting your arm and back – and themselves.

Not jumping up: We can teach puppies how to have all four paws on the ground and not jump up on you, others, the kitchen counter in search of food (this last one may be relevant once their little legs get bigger!).

People sadly tend to leave so much rubbish in the park which is dangerous for your puppy and can lead to expensive vet bills – we can teach the ‘leave it’ cue to keep your puppy safe.

What’s included:

  • Worksheets and handouts so you can practice between sessions
  • We want you to be successful with your training  – we provide support between sessions over email or the phone
  • No confusing jargon! We take you through why we’re doing what we’re doing 
  • Fun and scientifically proven training methods
  • Personalised and customised training plan relevant to your lifestyle and training goals
  • A certificate after the sessions have been completed
  • Coaching you and your dog together in an environment you would like their behaviour to improve (at home or in the park)

Why choose Lisa?

  • Professional and experienced
  • Postgraduate Professional Development Programme in Clinical Animal Behaviour at the University of Edinburgh commencing September 2020
  • Qualified
  • Canine coaching diploma
  • Only modern, force free and scientifically proven training methods


5 x 1 hour sessions: £335 saving £40

4 x 1 hour sessions: £280 saving £20

3 x 1 hour sessions: £210 saving £15

Pre puppy session: if you would like some support on preparing everything before your puppy arrives you may be interested in our puppy package.

Further 1 off sessions can be booked in addition to the above for £70 per hour.

We can provide one to one sessions in person or virtually.

I’d be delighted to work with you, If you feel that I may be the right trainer for you and your puppy, please contact me to find out more about how we can start working together and meet your training needs.

Labrador with his tongue lolling out
We chose to work with Lisa at Albany Pet Services because of the qualifications. We’ve felt really listened to at each training session. Lisa has quickly built a relationship which had seen no-one during lockdown and that is an achievement in itself.

Lisa was great at formulating and communicating the plan, as well as continually adjusting it as different problems arose. Amazing support not only during sessions but over messages and calls in between. She also provided videos/links that clearly went through each technique and the rationale.  I was surprised by the level of support and advice Lisa provided. She goes above and beyond her responsibilities and shows clear understanding and knowledge, as well as a love and passion for what she’s doing. She also displays kindness, compassion and good humour which I always appreciate! The literature, links and videos she sent me has been extremely useful. I am very glad I chose her to help me with my puppy and I feel confident that with her help I’ll have a happy, well trained canine companion.



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