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Lisa is now offering virtual, in person, private training and group dog training and puppy classes under St Paws Training Academy!
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Pre- puppy package

If you are thinking about welcoming a dog into your heart and home Lisa can help you every step of the way.  Lisa uses positive and ethical methods, with a strong emphasis on education and understanding dogs and their motivations for their behaviour. We can provide guidance on how to set boundaries and decipher the consequences of behaviour so you can live happily with your dog and get the results and relief you would like.

During the pre-puppy arrival call ( 2 x 1 hours) we will discuss:

Advice for living with cats
Equipment to purchase and what not to buy
How to make the crate (if you’d like to use one) a safe space for your puppy
Safety considerations for the garden
First visits to the vet and groomers
Appropriate toys and games to play
Socialisation and habituation
Breed considerations and things to consider and how it may affect you
Advice to prevent nipping and chewing
Advice on housetraining
Advice on travelling in the car (so they get used to the motion)

During the 3 x 1 hour training sessions we will teach:

Loose lead walking
Leave it
Eye contact
How to get your puppy to focus and listen to you when excited
Getting your puppy used to hands going near the food bowl


5 x 1 hour sessions: £415

We can provide one to one sessions in person or virtually.

Lisa only uses ethical, modern, force free training methods.



Do you work for the NHS or are you an older retired person? If so there is 10 % off services for you.

You can also pay in instalments.

Travel: Homes outside a 5 mile radius of St Albans will be charged £1 per mile each way, to cover the rising fuel costs.

I know it’s an investment and you want to see results and work with the person that is the right fit for you and your dogs needs

Guarantee: After 1 session, if you feel that I’m not the trainer for you (or I feel that coaching isn’t for you) then you will receive a refund on the remaining sessions. At the moment the training and behaviour industry is unregulated so let me know and I can put you in touch with someone else.

Let’s have a natter about how I can help

Call to book in a 20 minute call about how I can help you and your dog live even more happily together – (this is a complementary no obligation call): 01727 537289 .

Did you know that puppies have a critical socialisation window where they need to experience lots of sights sounds and handling so they don’t become scared of them later on?

Labrador with his tongue lolling out

Our puppy is doing so well. We’ve learnt so much! We wouldn’t have known so many of the tips unless we’d booked this.


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