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St Albans is blessed with lots of beautiful dog walking spots. Here are a few of my top picks, along with some dog friendly refreshment stops.

Verulamium park

This is a lovely park. It has three main walking fields – two of which are away from the main road. You can access the park if you go down Holywell hill. I recommend dog friendly Hatch on the hill if you’re looking for a snack or something more substantial. The team at Hatch incredibly helpful, smiley and always stop to chat.  When I popped in their for a tasty vegan sausage sarnie they gave Bella a warm welcome and provided her with some fresh water out of a silver bowl that was sparkling clean. I also recommend their cucumber and mint refresher – yum!

After you’ve stopped off at Hatch turn right along the cobbled streets on the way to the cathedral and follow the path round to the left and you’ll reach a field, there are some shady areas that you can relax with your dog in. It is quite a popular picnic area so there may be food on the floor.

Carry on down the path and you’ll reach the lake and the main fields. There are families of ducks in the pond and it would be very frightening for them if your dog went bounding in so if your dog tends to head for the pond and doesn’t come back, or it is in their inherent nature as a gun dog to fetch and retrieve you’re better off heading to Colney heath – they have a pond there that your dog can cool off in.

The Lower Red Lion is a dog friendly pub but child free. Family pubs include the Verulam Arms and the Six Bells. They have a nice outside area to relax in which has umbrellas to keep your dog cool and in the winter they have a lovely roaring fire. It’s a cosy pub with a homely feel and you can relax on the comfy seating area with a plumped up cushion.

Heartwood Forest

Parts of Heartwood Forest are a sea of abundant, hazy bluebells at the in the Summer and it makes you stop and take stock. There are tracks and trails you can explore with your dog while the bluebells envelop either side of you. Morning walks here will help you brush off any stresses of week. Walk past the family of wooden badgers and reach the top of the small hill and overlook St Albans landscape. The sight stretches across St Albans and is a lovely spectacle to experience. Be mindful of the horses there and call your dog back and pop them on the lead. It is a good place to blow away the cobwebs in Autumn and Winter too!

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