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How to improve choice and control for your cat

Lack of choice can lead us to feel helpless, it can lead us to feel we don’t have control over our situation or our life. When we feel we have a lack of control over our situation we may feel stressed, angry or we may even display symptoms of learned helplessness – an...

Brilliant games to play with your dog and cat

Just like humans animals need to be mentally challenged and experience new things or we become bored, less inquisitive and sometimes less intelligent. Like us, if pets are bored they will find their own entertainment. If we’re bored we may overeat or wind people up to...

Why does my cat eat that thing?! Have you heard of the behaviour pica?

Pica is also known as eating and/or chewing non- nutritious substances like cloth, wool or plastic bags. It’s common in oriental breeds such as the Siamese, Tokenise and Burmese, which suggests there may be a genetic component to the behaviour. John Bradshaw, in his...

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