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Reasons why your cat may not be using their litter tray

There can be a variety of reasons your cat is not using their litter tray. Your first port of call should be your vet. They will take tests to rule out any medical problems. Increased urination can be caused by medical challenges including diabetes, hyperthyroidism or...

Do you have a cat? Here are important lessons about litter trays

Cat pee is really whiffy! It can be embarrassing, upsetting and smelly if you cat soils in your home. Prevention is better than cure so here are a list of ways to help your cat pee and poop where you’d like them to. I’ve categorised some ‘do’s and do not’s’ for you...

Dog training – Oh, is that a rescue?

On a few separate occasions I’ve been out walking dogs and I’ve been asked if they’re rescue dogs. One of the dog’s was on the lead, as requested by her guardian, due to her recall. The other dog is a bit nervous around dogs bouncing up to her (fair enough!)...

Why does my cat eat that thing?! Have you heard of the behaviour pica?

Pica is also known as eating and/or chewing non- nutritious substances like cloth, wool or plastic bags. It’s common in oriental breeds such as the Siamese, Tokenise and Burmese, which suggests there may be a genetic component to the behaviour. John Bradshaw, in his...

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