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Anthropomorphism – what is it and why does it matter?

Jane Goodall has famously been slated for anthropomorphising chimps. She argues, however that perceiving things simply from a scientific viewpoint gives us grounds to do abhorrent things. Indeed, Dr Susan Friedman explains that science tells us what we can and can’t...

Lisa reaches the final of the Best Business Women Awards

Lisa reached the final of the Best Business Women Awards in the ‘Best Young Entrepreneur’ category. Albany Pet Services founder, Lisa, was delighted to have reached the final and attend a fantastically fun gala evening at the Tower Hill Hotel in London on...

How to prevent resource guarding and possessiveness in puppies

Resource guarding is a really important topic that I don’t think enough people are aware of – I know I wasn’t when I first started working with dogs. Resource guarding can occur when a dog feels threatened that you’re going to take an item that they think is of great...

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