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Pet loss: what to think about

Other people and your grief Sadly, pet loss can be a disenfranchised grief (Vitak et al., 2017) – this is a grief that is not recognised by society. However, the death of a pet, as you’ll know if you’ve experienced it can be as severe as that of a human Lee, Sherman...

My time at The Ralph

Hello, thank you for coming to read my blog. There’s just a trigger warning before you read it: the blog makes reference to pet loss and wellbeing in the vet community so if these subjects are a trigger for you, you may not wish to continue reading. I was really lucky...

How to cope with pet loss at Christmas and all year round

Christmas time without your pet Christmas can be a time where laughter, love and good times are intensified. However, for some people it can be a time where loneliness is exacerbated by the idea that everyone has someone to spend Christmas with. Memories and feelings...

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