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What puppy is right for me?

When thinking about the breed of dog to get it’s important to consider whether your lifestyle, location and home is suitable for their needs. If you have a garden is it suitably fenced in and is the fence tall enough? Some dogs when they grow easily jump over fences....

What to think about before you get a puppy

Aside from the budget considerations of costs of veterinary insurance, training, equipment, food, holiday care, and dog walkers (if you need one) and family considerations such as any existing allergies here are some things to research: Different breeds have different...

Anthropomorphism – what is it and why does it matter?

Jane Goodall has famously been slated for anthropomorphising chimps. She argues, however that perceiving things simply from a scientific viewpoint gives us grounds to do abhorrent things. Indeed, Dr Susan Friedman explains that science tells us what we can and can’t...

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