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Top puppy socialisation mistakes.. and how you can avoid them

What is socialisation? Socialisation is quite the buzz word! Good socialisation is a puppy learning how to interact with other species that they will come into contact with, and who you want them to come into contact with in a safe way. Unfortunately there’s still a...

What puppy is right for me?

When thinking about the breed of dog to get it’s important to consider whether your lifestyle, location and home is suitable for their needs. If you have a garden is it suitably fenced in and is the fence tall enough? Some dogs when they grow easily jump over fences....

Puppy Training – how to prevent problem behaviour with your puppy

You’ve welcomed your new puppy home! Congratulations. There are many things you can do to set you and your puppy up for success. Here are some guidelines: Feeding When your puppy is eating regularly walk past and drop some food into their bowl, this will help to...

Here are puppy training tips for you – The 10 commandments!

Congratulations, you’ve welcomed a new puppy into your heart and home.  Here’s a list of commandments to follow when you embark on your new life with your puppy: If you have a crate for your puppy then make their crate a safe haven ; somewhere where a puppy enjoys...

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