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Puppy Training Telephone Helpline

Do you need advice about your new puppy right away or do you have puppy training questions? We offer bespoke, personalised, live puppy care and training advice over the phone or via Skype. Although it’s a wonderful time welcoming your puppy home, it can be overwhelming too, especially with puppy training at night. There’s a wealth of information out there and it can be extremely confusing to know which methods to use with your puppy. It’s so important to use the right methods to avoid deeper rooted emotional and behavioural challenges later on. We only use modern, scientifically proven methods so you know your puppy is in safe hands.

Challenges new puppy guardian’s often experience are:

Sleepless nights

Puppies will have left their mother and litter mates so we need to help them get used to their new home and surroundings to help them feel safe and secure.  It’s really important that we are doing the right things with our puppy in regards to sleeping arrangements so we can avoid separation – related or toilet training challenges later on. We can offer guidance on helping your puppy to sleep at night and stop barking and crying out.


Puppies have bundles of energy! It’s important that they have suitable outlets for this energy but it must be provided in a way that doesn’t exacerbate hyperactivity. We will share games and activities they can do with you and things they can do to keep themselves occupied while you’re working or helping your children with their homework. The puppy training games and activities can be made specific to your puppies breed, so they’re getting the most fun and mental stimulation out of their playtime.

Toilet training

Toileting indoors is a common challenge with new puppies. We can provide guidance on how to teach your puppy how to go to the bathroom outside, so you can keep your socks dry and throw away the training pads.

Mouthing and nipping

Puppies explore the world with their mouths. They have razor sharp needle teeth and it’s imperative that they learn that they can’t nip or chew on our, our family members or strangers’ hands – it really hurts. We will help you to get to the root of your puppies nipping and mouthing behaviour. Puppies need suitable outlets for nipping and chewing but there’s a lot of puppy training toys on the market that are expensive but aren’t useful or suitable for them. We can let you know what puppy training accessories and equipment to purchase so you’re not wasting your money.


If you’re puppy is excessively barking for attention while you’re working we can offer some advice as to why that may be.

Puppy Socialisation

You may be concerned about how to socialise your puppy during these strange times. It’s imperative that puppies experience a range of sights, sounds, and experiences within the first 3-16 weeks of their life so they don’t become fearful, aggressive or reactive towards these things later on. 

We will follow up all telephone calls with sheets and articles so you have all the information and tools in your inbox to access whenever you would like.

We set up our telephone helpline so we can be here for you and your puppy

What’s included:

  • A 30 minute, or 1 hour session via phone or skype
  • A follow up written report and guide getting to root of the challenge you’re facing and suggestions to solve it.
  • Worksheets and handout’s delivered to your inbox

Why choose Lisa? 

  • Canine Coaching Diploma
  • Professional Dog Walking Diploma
  • Experienced dog care professional
  • Available UK wide!
  • Convenient time slots available


£45 per 30 minute session
£60 per 60 minute session

Some challenges may not be suitable for video call and require a face to face appointment, or you may need veterinary advice or advice from a certified clinical animal behaviourist so we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire, so we can see whether we can help or not.

Thank you so much [for the advice] Lisa it was very helpful.

Thanks for our chat last week, it has given me a lot of confidence to get going with Stanley’s walks and socialising him more. Thanks again, sometimes the information online is to generic and not specific for each dog and can be extremely overwhelming for new dog owners who are trying to do their best and are also extremely tired!



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