Telephone Helpline

Have you welcomed a new puppy home but are you experiencing common challenges such as puppy nipping, toileting indoors, crying at night or excessive barking? 

Our telephone helpline is here to support you and guide you on how to over come these challenges with your dog where appropriate. 

Please note we won’t be able to advise on any medical issues as we’re not veterinary experts.

We set up our telephone helpline so you can contact us and receive support, advice and we can help you to overcome challenges 

What’s included:

  • A 30 minute session via phone
  • A follow up written report and guide getting to root of the challenge you’re facing and suggestions to solve it

Why choose us?

  • Canine Coaching Diploma
  • Professional Dog Walking Diploma
  • Experienced dog care professional
  • Available UK wide!
  • Convenient time slots available 

£22 per 30 minute session

Solo dog walking St Albans - Golden Retreiver

“We have a new puppy who constantly wants  attention and it was making it challenging to work. I can’t tell you how convenient it was to pick up the phone –  the advice given was very helpful, thank you.”


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