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You have a new puppy! This is an exciting time but a huge responsibility. Here are some tips on puppy proofing your home:

The Kitchen

Make sure your puppy isn’t unsupervised in the kitchen as they may jump up on chairs and head towards the table with food on or on surfaces where there are hot hobs.

Make sure any bins are out of reach and out of sight so your puppy doesn’t go rummaging inside them. As well as making a huge mess there are many dangerous food items that are toxic to dogs including onions, avocado, raisins and chocolate. Make sure the bin has safety catches on and have a lid.

Ensure that wires are away – puppies explore the world with their mouth and will be teething. Make sure you have lots of appropriate chews for them to enjoy and relive their gums on instead.

Block off access to gaps such as behind the washing machine so your puppy can’t get stuck behind them.

The bedroom

Puppies have small bladders and need to go to the toilet very often. Key times they will need toilet breaks are after playtime, eating, sleeping, after an exciting visitor arrives too. Restrict access to places you won’t be able to watch your puppy and where they may have accidents – consider installing baby gates so your puppy can’t go wandering.  If they do have an accident make sure you clean the area with a urine remover solution such as simple solution to help prevent repeat marking.

The living area

If you have blinds then make sure your puppy can’t get caught up in them and hurt their neck or choke on them.

Puppies love to chew – it is stress relieving and helps relieve sore gums – they don’t know that remotes are for turning the tv on and off so it’s important that these are placed out of reach as batteries can damage a puppy’s stomach because of the acid in them.

The garden

If you have a cat and a cat flap make sure your puppy can’t fit through it as they may be able to head into the garden by themselves and then on to the road.

Lethal plants  wCute puppy with red collar sitting on carpethen eaten can include amaryllis, azalea,daffodils, apricot, dieffenbachia, thorn apple, berries, narcissus, rhododendron, rhubarb, water hemlock.

With back door gates make sure anyone who has access to the garden such as gardeners, window cleaners and cleaners are bolting the door so your puppy can’t get out.

The front door

If your puppy doesn’t know the wait cue then it’s important to get baby gates so they don’t go rushing outside.

Get a post holder so that your post goes in there so you don’t have shredded bills!

The bathroom 

Make sure that medications are locked away and that toilet seats are placed down so your puppy doesn’t go investigating. They may also enjoy shredding toilet paper so make sure this is out of reach and they have other suitable outlets to shred – brown paper for example or stuffing.


With toys make sure that they are sturdy safe and not chewed to their end – puppies may eat the fluffy stuffing and this can make them unwell. Pug

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