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Feline Friendly Information

Here are some helpful infographics about things cats need in their environment, things to look out for when purchasing items and body language indicators. They can be downloaded from the IABCC Website and Lili Chin’s website.

Training your cat to go into the carrier

Information about the carrier and training your cat to go in the carrier (no Spiderman Meme’s needed!) can be read here.

Puzzle feeding fun

For puzzle feeding information – this will help your cat to expend mental and physical energy and may help to avoid behavioural problems. Puzzle feeding will help your cat to have specific outlets for natural behaviour – their close ancestor is the African Wild cat after all. Read more here.

Soiling outside of the litter tray

Did you know that cat’s soiling outside of their tray may be due to illness? You can read more about Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC) here and your vet will be able to help guide you.


This video from Cats Protection outlines why cat’s need to scratch.

Downloadable Guides

How to make your older cat more comfortable

Life with your new kitten

Introducing cats and dogs

Feline lower urinary tract disease

Cat body language

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