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Puppy socialisation guide

There’s a critical window of 3 -12 weeks where puppies need to experience different sights, sounds and experiences to become resilient, happy, calm and well behaved dogs.
We’re here to help show you the ways you can socialise your puppy. Prevention is better than cure.
We will cover:⁠

Body handling

This is important as you want your pet to get used to being handled by different people such as the vets and groomers without being really worried.
becoming habituated to noises such as fireworks and clapping and hoovers so they don’t bark at them or become scared of them.

Resource guarding/possessiveness prevention

We will focus on how to do this around food and toys so your dog associates hands in a positive way – not something who’s presence constantly takes away the fun!



Habituation towards different sights including people, and sounds such as cars and ambulances.⁠

Cats and other pets

tips for keeping your cat calm if you have a new puppy.⁠
and more.
This is now available as a downloadable video. Please contact me and I will send you the link.
2 yellow puppies sitting in the grass with orange flowers

What’s included with the phone call

  • 30 minute guide to socialising your puppy
  • Webinar and live recording for you to access 
  • 15 minutes to ask questions
  • Phone or video call
  • Worksheets
  • Further suggestions on books and websites

Why choose Lisa?

  • Canine coaching diploma
  • Accredited
  • Experienced

What’s included with the video

  • Webinar slides
  • A live recording


£19 per 45 minute phone session

£7.50 for the video link

Cat and Kitten Care St Albans - Cute kittens

The webinar was helpful and everything was explained clearly and concisely. I’d attend another webinar.


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