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Training and Walking Solutions

We understand the importance of training and consistency in your pets lives. We can provide  bespoke, personalised training sessions tailored to your pets needs. For the first session we will arrange a free initial consultation walk with you and your dog, this is the time you can outline what you would like your dog to learn. Then we will train them over different sessions and then on the final session we can show you how to implement this training along with worksheets. If you would like you can book our solo dog walking service and any training will be reinforced.

Having a dog that doesn’t come back when called can be dangerous and stressful. There may be a road close by or livestock.

What’s included?

  • How to worksheets
  • 2, 3 or 5 training sessions
  • FREE coaching plan to help you implement your training worth £20

Why choose Lisa?

  • Association member
  • Postgraduate Professional Development  Programme in Clinical Animal Behaviour, Uni of Edinburgh Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (from Sept 2020)
  • Diploma in Canine Coaching
  • Diploma in Professional Dog Walking
  • Worksheets and articles provided
  • Supportive coaching – we’ve been there and know what you’re going through
  • Experienced dog care professional


£140 for 2 sessions lasting 120 minutes – one initial consultation for free, so 3 sessions in total.

£210 or 3 sessions lasting 180 minutes in total and one initial consultation for free, so 4 sessions in total.

£350 for 5 sessions lasting 320 minutes and one initial consultation for free so 6 sessions in total.

BONUS coaching plan worth £20 so you can reach your training goals.

We will ask you to fill in a pre questionnaire before you start so we can see if our dog training service is suitable for what your pet needs.

Dog checks in St Albans - Cute pug

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