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Whether you’re new to the St Albans area (welcome!) or need some inspiration from your usual walking haunts, we’ve compiled some popular walking spots for you to explore with your dog. We provide professional dog training including walk and train (where we train your dog without you) in St Albans and nearby.

Jersey Farm Woodland Park, St Hellier Road

This is a nice park but not that big – it is near 2 main busy roads so obviously be very mindful if your dog if there recall isn’t great. It has plain open fields and large wooded areas which you can walk through. It backs on to a playground too. You can park on St Helier Road and walk up the stony path and you’ll reach the field. It has a lot of wildlife so will be nice and enriching for your dog with all the smells!

Nomansland – Ferrers Lane

We love Nomansland! In the Summer, and even last year in the Winter, the sky was blue and washed with white clouds. It has a large open field that goes right back and a wonderful woodland area. The woodland area has lots of sticks that people make dens out of and all of the dogs I walk there seem to really enjoy it. Although I haven’t seen many, there are rabbits there so your dog can get their rabbit smell fix. It’s not too busy a place so you can avoid other dogs if your dog is reactive, or if you’re just unsociable ;-). There always seems to be ample parking and you can pop to the Wicked Lady for an Old Mout Cider afterwards! Watch out for the horses galloping however and make sure you pop your dog back on the lead.

Heartwood Forest, Sandridge

This is a really lovely Woodland Trust Forest, with lots of tracks and trails to explore. It does get busy though as it’s a popular spot and sometimes there’s no space in the car park. There’s lots of carvings of woodland creatures which is lovely. You can spend lots of time here and it the open space means you can blow away some cobwebs and enjoy some Hertfordshire air. Again, in some areas there can be horses so pop your dog back on the lead. There is also sheep in the farm area so keep your dog away from there as sheep worrying is a crime you can get fined for and your dog can get hurt too. You can live the Hertfordshire life and pop into Heartwood Tearooms for tea and cake afterwards.

Colney Heath, Coursers Road

This is a lovely place, a lot like Nomansland. It has a large open space either side and backs onto a broad bean field. There are lots of rabbits so many holes for your dog to sniff and get excited about! It’s a relatively quiet place and there’s a sea of trees. There’s a river there, which your dog can have a dip in to cool off in the summer. There’s sometimes horses there and not that many poo bins which is annoying. There’s a lot of barbed wire fences which are broken which your dog may be able to get underneath.. I don’t mean to sound negative here it is a nice walking spot but I always have my hazard eye on!

Solo Dog walking Springer spaniel running

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