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Get creative with cardboard!

Those of you who have cats will know that they love cardboard and high places. A chap called Sam combined these two things an made an enchanted cardboard house for his cherished kitty Denni: https://www.boredpanda.com/cardboard-ark-structure-cat-prefabcat/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic 

I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite as inventive as Sam.. so here are some simpler ways that you can get creative with cardboard…

Food enrichment

All cats, particularly indoor cats and those in who have lived in rescue centres for a while, require mental simulation to relieve boredom and fulfill their natural desire to hunt for their food. A great way to do this is through food enrichment, and cardboard is your best friend here! Start off with the egg box challenge if you’re introducing this to your cat for the first time. Show them what to do first of all, as they may get frustrated if they cant get the food out. Once they’ve mastered this you can challenge them more by creating this one with toilet roll holders – with this one you sellotape in between the joint. Check out this blog for more info. There are also a lot of commercially made toys on the market too – try Trixie for inspiration.

Also grab a cardboard box or old shoe box and place some leaves inside so your cat can forage for their fav treats! For kittens you can adapt this by placing some holes in the box so they can access the tasty treats this way.

Cat’s sleep anywhere..

Have you ever bought an expensive cat bed for you kitty only to find they prefer sleeping in or on a box!

Cardboard boxes are great as makeshift beds. They’re enclosed so good hiding places  so offer security make them more appealing by adding a blanket you’ve slept on – cat’s will love this as it will smell of you – the ultimate security! Obviously you’ll want to wash this blanket now and again, so be sure to have another one to replace it with for scent continuity.


Placing cat nip or some toy mice, under some newspaper (or wrapping paper once you’ve ripped it off your pressies!) with in a cardboard box will provide lots of entertainment for your feline. We can provide lots of playtime opportunities for your cat with our cat sitting service. If you need to feel inspired then you could also book our cat enrichment service. 


Corrugated cardboard teamed with old carpet tiles is a wonderful scratching item for your cat. Cats love scratching when they first wake up – so place the scratching item beside your cats favourite sleeping spot, otherwise you may find some unwelcome claw marks on your bed frame! We’ve found that this scratching post by Pet Fusion is also very popular.


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