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Welcoming a new puppy home can be an exciting time but also an overwhelming one! Dr Google has a mind field of information (a lot of it is outdated and inaccurate and can actually cause long term damage and/or suggest methods that suppress current challenges leading to bigger ones.) You also may find that lots of people are keen to give advice, and lots of people have differing opinions. While people may give advice with the best of intentions sometimes this advice is inaccurate and doesn’t look at the bigger picture of what’s going on, causing more harm than good. When you try out suggestions with with your puppy and doesn’t work you may get fed up  – effectively you may be trying to push a circle in to the shape of a triangle, it just doesn’t fit as all dogs are individuals and learn at different paces. When you’re looking at booking a  puppy class, it’s important you receive guidance from a qualified trainer who only uses kind, modern methods.

Who to choose and what to look for

The right puppy class trainer will uses modern, positive and force free methods that are rooted in science. This way you will learn how to teach your puppy effectively with food

2 yellow puppies sitting in the grass with orange flowersand other rewards. During this time it’s a fantastic way to bond with your dog and see what rewards they like the best. You can ask the trainer questions and get feedback on your training so you know you’re not accidentally training the wrong thing!

What will we learn?

During puppy class you and your puppy will have the chance to meet other puppies and have playtime opportunities. You will learn about dog body language and how puppies play with each other. You will also meet other puppy guardians who are experiencing the same things as you – realising you’re not alone! You will learn valuable life skills that are applicable to day to day life with your puppy. A lot of the skills learnt are skills that with consistency (especially through adolescence) can be lifelong skills such as coming back when called and walking nicely on a lead. Skills learnt in class can prevent problems later on – the cue ‘drop’ for example can help to prevent resource guarding and possessiveness over items, where a dog feels worried about a hand going near an item they value.Lisa with a minature brown poodle

Puppies brains are little sponges and they are taking vital information and learning all the time whether we are training them actively or not. Enrolling on to the right puppy class will equip you and your puppy with knowledge and skills for your life together.

To book on to our 5 week puppy class at the Pet Playground (an outdoor enclosed field)  please contact Lisa lisa@albanypetservices.co.uk.

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